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Genuine Moments • Hilarious Results

Current Classes & Workshops

Next Session Begins 9/28/2017!
Thursday Nights | 7 – 10 PM
9/28  and 10/5

Deep dives into specific improv subjects.
One Sunday every month.
12 – 3:00 PM

Next Class Begins Soon
Wednesday Nights | 7 – 10 PM

One off coaching sessions.
By appointment only.
Daytime and select evenings

Ongoing studio style class for improv duos.
Only 5 duos permitted at a time
7 – 10:00 PM

Twice a month coaching and shows
for already working duos

Our goal: To make you a better at improv and to find your voice.

We create a safe space for you to explore your voice, we teach the craft of improvisational acting by giving tools you can easily use. We teach you how to trust your instincts by learning to rely on the most powerful guide we have in life, our hearts.

We teach improv that often yields hilarious results. You will learn to go deep into the work and the end product will be intelligent, mindful, and will affect the audience in a genuinely artistic manner.

Study with an instructor whose career is improv.

The work Marcus leads students through is rigorous and deep, but the results are evident and lasting. Marcus’ refreshing and unique teaching style not only forges adroit improvisers, it also produces more enlightened people and lasting friendships.”  Jonathan O.

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