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Why Sunday School?


Unless improv is your religion and the stage is your church, this is not a religious thing! Simply put, not all of us can make the ongoing weekly commitment that a quality improv school requires. Think Improv Sunday School as a focused, high-quality drop-in. Think of this as an improv workout that is 100% committed to craft.


What to expect…

Moment has been teaching improv intensives since 2014. In that time, we have crafted many specialized classes. Sometimes classes are centered around a single topic, and other times they are workouts with lots of scene work and notes. These are the same classes that we offer to national improv festivals and organizations. Depending on the topic, workshops vary in length.

Improv Sunday School is…

Student Recommended.

“I’ve taken three of Marcus Sams’ workshops and I learn exponentially every time. He is positive, inspiring, encouraging, and my favorite workshop to attend. No ego with Marcus. I can’t recommend him enough.

– Jen M.

“Working with Marcus is a truly inspiring experience. He comes to every class with an amiable zest that makes you want to get down to business. Unlike any other instructor I’ve worked with, Marcus’ instructions and explanations are clear, concise and, most important to the working player, immediately useful. From the moment Marcus starts addressing you, it is clear that he is working with you, not just throwing information at you. He asks you if what he said makes sense, listens carefully to your response, and instructs accordingly.”

– Jonathan – San Francisco Improviser/Stand Up


Marcus Sams is a wonderful instructor and I keep finding myself taking his classes over and over again for the last three years. He has a way with words that makes his lessons easy to comprehend. He has great energy and enthusiasm that makes his classes so much fun!   He is definitely one of my favorite improv instructors because I like how organized and structured his lessons are.

– Aimey T.