Intro to Duos

Learn to play with subtlety and nuance in your improv and to trust and rely on yourself for honest inspiration. Make improvising effortless for yourself while learning the ins and outs of two person improv.

This class is an exploration of the two person scene and a primer for the Two Play program. Over the course of 6 weeks students will learn what it takes to be in an improv duo while studying Marcus’ Effortless Improv technique. You do not need to have a duo partner selected to join this class. This class is great for anyone wanting to elevate their improv play, anyone searching for a duo partner, or anyone wanting to try out a potential duo partner.

Max students: 14
Prerequisite: At least 3 levels at an improv training center or by instructor recommendation.

Why Duo it?

Improv is built upon the two-person scene. Simply put, duo work makes you a better performer because it holds you accountable for your improv.

When performing in larger groups, two-person scenes often get cut short for any number of reasons. Your fellow improvisors want to “save” the scene, may want to play themselves, or may want to “add on” to a scene in order to heighten it. When any of these things happen, the two person scene is lost. If you feel you have been stuck doing the same type of improv, this class provides a different path.

After being in a duo for over 10 years, I can say that nothing else accelerates your growth and increases your stage confidence than being in a duo. The gift of two people playing together without interruption allows the improvisor to go deeper, play the nuance of the scene, and eliminate the fear of silence.

Classes will be on Thursday nights from 7PM – 10 PM
Classes: May 11, 18, 25 June 1, 8, 15
Grad Show: June 16th


$250 / 6 Week Class + 1 Grad Show
10% discount for repeating students.
No refunds for classes missed.