“Liss n’ Sams made me laugh… and I don’t laugh at improv anymore.”
– Ron West (Whose Line is it Anyway)

Liss n’ Sams takes the word of the day as a suggestion from the audience. From that word, they create a starter scene and before you know it you are smack in the middle of a fast paced show that does not end till the lights come down. Their connection is electric and their transitions are seamless.

Joe Liss Headshot

Joe Liss

Second City – Chicago

Joe Liss is the “improviser’s improviser.” He learned his craft from the giants of Chicago improvisation: Paul Sills, David Shepherd, Del Close, and Sheldon Patinkin. He’s an alumnus of the Second City, where he wrote and performed with David Pasquesi, Joel Murray, Tim Meadows, Chris Farley, and Mike Myers. Joe is also one of the writers and performers of the critically-acclaimed musical The Bicycle Men.


Marcus Sams

Leela/Many voices

Marcus Sams is a professionally working actor and is the owner and operator of Improv with Marcus. He also is co-owner of Crux Jinx Productions as well as the co-founder of the Bay Area Film Mixer. In the improv world he has trained many improvisers and has gotten 45 improv shows into national festivals and performed in hundreds in non-festival settings.

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Special News:

Liss n’ Sams just opened the prestigious “Secret Show” for BassProv at the 19th Annual Chicago Improv Festival.

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