The Monoscene Class

The Monoscene Class

The Monoscene is a great format for any improviser to learn. Basically, a monoscene is a one-act play that takes place in a single location in real time with no edits. Due to the boundaries of the format, an improviser must be able to play with nuance, use space objects (objects that only exist in the imagination of the audience and performer) and create temporary worlds with conviction. These are fundamentals that benefit any format and every improviser.

This class is your opportunity to learn how to build a Monoscene; to learn how to play with other improvisers in a way that allows for maximum depth of character and location. Through this 6-week course, you will discover the full value of truly building and exploring an improvised environment with a team of players who learn this format together and form a mental bond in the process. No swipes, no tags…just you, your team and the world you co-create.

This is a highly-focused class of no more than eight improvisers that will develop your skills of interacting authentically with a space object (for instance, using visible muscle flexing to demonstrate weight) world-building (creating a clear and consistent environment the players and audience can fully visualize together) and creating meaningful characters and relationships that can endure the length of the scene (roughly 30 minutes)

Prerequisites: Students must have completed the first 3 levels of any improv training facility.
If you have questions regarding eligibility, please email the Artist Director: marcus[@]

Why this class?

Due to the limited class size, you can expect a great deal of personal attention from the instructor that will rapidly improve your abilities as a performer as well as learning how to effectively play with 8 people on stage in one location; how to communicate together verbally and non-verbally as well as how to physically interact in and around the environment you’ve created together.

At the end of the six-week course, you and our team will perform a Monoscene live to an audience of friends, family and fans of improvisation. The show will be available at no charge for all to enjoy.

This is a truly unique opportunity to learn a highly engaging improv format with an instructor who is well-trained and able to communicate with confidence and compassion how you can rise to the challenge of delivering a great performance and guide you to being an improviser who can hold an audience’s attention with authenticity, wit and humor.

Classes will be held Sept 14, 21, 28 & Oct 5, 12, 19 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Your performance will take place on Oct 20th @ 7:00 PM. In order for everyone to derive the maximum benefit of this experience, you must attend all 6 classes and show, so please check your calendars as the team (and audience) will be counting on you.

$250 / 6 Week Class + 1 Grad Show
Max students: 8

Word on the street…

“Your workshop on world creation is terrific. Your techniques take us from a bare stage to a fully expanded world in which we are emotionally invested! Magical!”
Diana B.  –  Co-Producer, Southern Railroad Theatre Company

“…one of the best classes I ever had. It was such a great combination of theory and practice. Activities were slowed down to give people time to interact with the world they were creating, but you brought amazing energy and support between activities to keep things from dragging…”
Gil B.  –  Grey Matter Improv