What is the Two Play Graduate Program?

The graduate program holds your duo accountable. It is in place so that once you have been deemed a graduate of the Two Play class, you can still benefit from the coaching that you started with while gaining the freedom that you might crave. Once you have gotten your format down, and you are doing well in it, you may feel the normal class structure no longer meet your needs. It also gives producers confidence in to produce your duo because they know you are actively honing your craft.

While a duo is enrolled in Two Play, the instructor can monitor growth and make adjustments when necessary. Without that weekly checking up, a duo’s quality can suffer. By joining the graduate program you will benefit by having the voice of a coach that knows your work well. Continue the journey you started!


Have performed in at least 2-3 shows in which the director feels were well executed, based upon the goals of the format.
Must have performed in two outside shows or have gotten into at least one local or national improv festival.

What You Get:

Open office hours with your coach via chat or phone calls to deal with duo related questions.
Four hours of coaching per month, broken into two seperate sessions.
One graduate show per month that is produced by Moment Improv Theatre every month.
At the “graduate show”, graduate duos will receive a 25% split of all online ticket sales for shows they perform in.

What’s Expected:

100% Attendance at your coaching sessions.
At least two outside rehearsals per month in addition to your coaching session.
Must submit to at least 2 festivals per year.
Duos agree to not produce or perform in a show (as your duo) during the same week that any Two Play or Two Play Graduate show is being produced in.


$125/mo recurring.
No refunds for missed sessions.

Fine Testimonials

Off One Letter.

My improv duo, Off One Letter, has been studying with Marcus Sams in his “Two Play” class for a year, during which time he helped transform us from a couple of fledgling improvisors into a seasoned duo. Thanks largely to Marcus, were accepted into the 2015 San Francisco Improv Festival based on our first-ever show!

In addition to the top-notch improv training, he helped us develop our format, produced shows for us, and provided industry pro tips and advice to help us succeed. Marcus is the best!

– Erik R.