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Two Play is in ACTIVE enrollment.

Apply early. Room for 4 duos only.

What is Two Play?

Two Play is a weekly, ongoing improv class that takes place on Tuesday nights from 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM. In the class we explore the craft of the two person scene and the business side of creating, managing, and cultivating a prosperous improv duo. Many duos coming out of this class have become national and international festival performers.

Who is Two Play for?

This class is for anyone who is currently in a duo, wants to form a duo, or for any pair of improvisers wanting to get better at two person scenes. You will learn how to create honest and hilarious improv that is grounded and accessible to an audience. In order to be accepted into the class,  you must have had at least 2-3 level classes at a local or national improv training institution, completed Intro for Duos, or  have instructor approval.

Why enroll in Two Play?

Duos from this class have performed in over 15 national and international improv festivals. After their very first show, two duos got into national improv festivals and continue to get booked all over the country. Your instructor has over 12 years of experience performing in successful improv duos, and he has performed in over 60 national improv festival shows since 2006. You will gain valuable insight from an instructor that performs improv nationally, produces improv locally and who knows the craft of improv. Furthermore, he is also a trained actor, understands the business side of this art form, and he knows how to get you working professionally.


How does the class run?

Two Play is treated as an ongoing studio workshop for improv duos. There is a maximum of 5 duos admitted to ensure quality instruction. Lessons presented are tailored towards the needs of the enrolled duos. All duos are expected to have rehearsals outside of classes as well as being prepared to work in class. This combination, with a professional approach, helps your duo to thrive.

Theoretically, this class is broken into quarters. Each duo is on their own personal quarter system. Duos are evaluated and advance based on their individual progression through the quarterly goals, outlined below.

  • Quarter 1: Students work on individual skill building while finding their duo dynamics. Duos co-discover what skills make them unique while finding greater comfort sharing the stage together.
  • Quarter 2: Duos work towards creating a fun format that suits their strengths and challenges their weaknesses.
  • Quarter 3: Duos begin performing their format in class and, as eligibility permits, in the Two Play Improv Extravaganza show.
  • Quarter 4: Duos further refine their formats, making changes based on audience feedback and instructor’s notes. Duos are eligible for the Graduate Program.

Each session will be a combination of warm-ups, exercises, and scene work meant to artistically stretch individuals and their duos. Because this is a duo-centered class, many of the exercises will be two-person exercises which you will work on with your duo partner. Duos will perform often within the class and gain detailed instructor feedback.

If a duo is progressing in the class at an accelerated rate or they are coming into the program with prior experience they may be passed through the quarter system at an accelerated rate. This will be based upon the instructors evaluation of their work.



$150/mo recurring.
No refunds for classes missed.
First and last month tuition due prior to 1st class.

Benefits include:


  • Working with an instructor whose career is Improv
  • Specific duo coaching
  • Scene study
  • Formats built around your strengths
  • Community collaboration
Fine Testimonials

Euro Trash.

An Internationally Performing Improv Duo.

“I’ve seen the Two Play class giving a lot to duos, both to beginners and experienced ones. On one hand, Marcus’ well-established teaching experience in different improv areas (from space objects to deep-tissue listening and scene-work) provides a great “workout” for the individual actors. On the other hand, there’s the specific focus put on each duo: looking for the best format for a show, taking the best out of the actor’s strengths and doing serious work on the weaknesses. The structure of the class allows duo’s to practice a lot together, getting tons of constructive feedback. Performing full sets in front of the class provides and extremely valuable experience that, together with very specific notes from the teacher, give the duo an amazing opportunity for growth.”

– Andrea B.

Please select one of the following forms.

Fill out the application below in order to be considered for the Two Play class.*Please note that both you and your partner must submit separate applications.


The Duos of Two Play Improv Extravaganza

Past and Present

Focused on the two person scene

Two Play FAQ

Because you WILL eventually ask them.

This class should be taken by any improviser who is looking to work on their craft in a two person situation. Some duos are formed to work on the two-person scene, while others are formed with greater professional aspirations. I recommend that you are clear about your desires and clearly communicate them to your duo partner so the both of you are on the same page.

To give duos professional training and to refine their craft. To not only teach the craft side of being in a duo, but to also teach the business side with regards to creating, booking, marketing, and performing in shows. A requirement is also that a National Improv Network profile is created for both individuals and the duo by the beginning of the 3rd quarter.

Ummm, YESand review those notes. Have your notebook easily accessible before, during, and after class. You never know when you may have a gem of a thought that leads you down a new path in improv. You can also learn a lot from watching the other improv duos. Take lots of notes. You can always toss the ones you don’t use.

Yes, I encourage all duos to have outside of class rehearsals. This way you can take the notes I give you and go work them. This is the best way to advance your learning and to get to know your duo partner. Go have coffees, go have beers, go see shows!

Instead of looking at it from the place of, “How long do I have to be,” think more, “how long do I GET to be!” Learning improv is a journey. You will learn something from every class. The commitment is a commitment to learning the craft, a commitment to your duo partner, and a commitment to your goals. With the first and last month investment being a requirement before beginning the class, one might think the minimum is only 2 months. From the instructors perspective this is already having one foot out the door and may affect your inclusion into the class.

Two Play Improv Class Cost Breakdown

Initial payment: $300
Class Investment: $150/mo.

When you begin the class, you are paying for the first and last month, just like you might do if you were renting an apartment. $150 of the $300 will go towards the first month and the remaining $150 is held for your final month in the class. Please note, that you are NOT paying for your first two months; it is the first and last.

Five days prior to the beginning of your second month, you are expected to enroll into auto draft via the link provided. Once enrolled into auto draft, you will see a monthly recurring payment of $150 for the next months’ classes.

  • Consider my office hours open if you are in this class. You can email or Facebook chat me anytime and I will strive to get back to you within 24 hours.
  • All students also get 1/2 off tickets to any Moment Improv Theatre produced shows. Opportunities for free tickets are also available.
  • You will have first access to any other opportunities that Moment may stumble upon, including auditions for filmed projects and outside shows.
  • 30% discounts on any of my 55-minute “Clinic” coaching sessions or 4 hour Sunday Schools.
  • Quality footage of the shows you perform in for festival submissions.

Nope. Sorry. A huge reason the first/last month investment is in place is to make sure that a duo is ready to make that commitment to themselves and to the class. It does no one any good to have a duo come in for one month if they are not going to make the commitment. Ultimately class time would be diverted away from enrolled and committed duos to a duo that might not stick around. This class is geared towards making a strong impact on your improv, individually and as a duo.   In order for me to push you in the direction you need to go, I first need to see where you are at and that would be difficult in just four sessions.

Obviously being in class is what will make you better at improv. Any time any single member of the duo is out, it is like that duo did not show up for class. If one partner is missing, they will be paired up with another qualified student, a special guest, or with the instructor. Absences MUST be registered via the absences form located in the Two Play drop down menu.

The short answer is no. This is just like any other class. If you miss class, you miss class. If one duo partner is missing a class and the other still wants to attend, they are more than welcome to. In these cases, that student would be paired up with another partner in class or be paired up with the instructor for the evening.

If your duo would like to leave the class, you need to give one months’ notice prior to your final month. You must notify the Artistic Director of Moment Improv Theatre before your payment is auto drafted. Please note that your last month has already been paid.

If you notify The Artistic Director of your intention of leaving after your auto draft payment, Moment Improv Theatre will give you a credit in the form of two single classes.*

If you decide to not be in class during your final month, you forfeit your initial last month’s payment.

*Class credits may be used on any Improv Clinic, local specialty classes taught by Moment Improv Theatre, or any Improv Sunday School sessions.

Go to the Student Portal and click on the appropriate button. This will take you to a PayPal page where you can finalize your payments.
*NOTE: Please ONLY set up reoccurring payments during the last 5 days of the month.

Frankly, because I want you to make a commitment to yourself and to your duo partner. I want to work with improvisers that are hungry to grow. I can help you grow, but only if the commitment is there. Besides the commitment aspect, during your last month I will help you prepare for departure. Rehearsal plan creation, duo-specific exercises, advise future show bookings and advanced training.

This class only has slots for 5 duos max at any time to ensure quality instruction and focused time. If you are in a duo or want to form a duo you are encouraged to fill out a submission form. Once I receive your information you will be placed on a first come first served waiting list. A soon as a spot opens up in the class you will be notified. If the wait list gets to be 4 duos large I will highly consider opening another class on another night of the week. If this becomes a reality, I will be in touch with you for scheduling.

If your duo gets placed on the waiting list, it means two things. First off, congratulations! You have been accepted into the two play class. The only downside is now you have to wait for availability. As soon as a spot opens up, duos will be admitted on a first com first served basis.

I will do my best to accommodate your duo. As long as there are slots available in the class and there are no duos on the waiting list you are in good shape. Unfortunately, however, if there are duos on the waiting list and you leave, you are giving up your seat in the class. You should consider the monthly investment as a way to hold your seat in class. One more thing thing to consider is taking breaks in between quarters is best.

Although I will never hold you back as an instructor, my goal is for you to have an awesome first show. I want the audience to leave with the sense of, “They were really good, we should see them again,” VS. “They were ok… I don’t know if we NEED to see them again though…” The fact is, from the moment you put yourself out there you are building your brand. For this reason, I ask that all duos do not book your own shows until we all agree that you are ready. Usually, this will be determined after your first class produced show.

Sometimes students ask for a trial to see if that coach is right for them. If this is your case and you are interested in getting a sense of my teaching style, would be for the two of you to come to one of my 4 hour intensives known as Improv Sunday School or you could book one or two of the 50-minute coaching sessions. This service is called, “The Clinic” and can be found under the classes section.

The duo relationship is a very special and delicate thing. If for any reason your duo does not work out, and you choose early termination of your participation in the class, you must contact the Artistic Director as soon as possible.

If this happens then we have some decisions to make. If only one partner wants to continue with the class and there is room, then they can bring in a trial partner. The new partner would be expected to pay $25/class until a decision is rendered. (within two weeks) If the pairing works, the duo will be made official and the new member will be enrolled in the class.

If both partners want to stay in the class and there is room on different days then a similar process will occur for both duo members as described above.  If there is not room in both classes then both players will have to work among themselves as to who will stay and will not bring the instructor into it until a decision has been rendered.

For any departing duo members, please look at the “How do I leave the class” segment of this FAQ. If you want to rejoin the class after departing without holding your seat in the class, you must resubmit to the class. If there is a waitlist, you will be placed in the earliest possible slot.