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Hilarious, organic, narrative, improvised theatre from the heart of downtown San Francisco!

Welcome to San Francisco improv! Moment Improv Theatre teaches adults how to play again, how to be better communicators, and how to human in a more connected manner, all through the lens of improv comedy.

Best of all, you already
Improvise all the time!
The “soft skills” you learn and hone will change every interaction you have and help you find more connection, more possibilities, and more fun in life whether on or off the stage.


Improv is like recess for adults! recapture the joy and wonder you experienced as a child, playing in worlds you built and defined with your friends. “moment improv is a great place for anybody to practice and develop creativity, communication skills, ability to think on your feet in a fun and friendly atmosphere. highly recommend to everybody!” – MIKHAIL P.


This is invaluable training for anyone wanting to learn the art of improvised comedy. Moment’s philosophy is that the more you understand, the more you understand. from the very the beginning, we go into the ‘why’ of each lesson and examine each success and challenge as we navigate any comedic, personal, or interpersonal stumbling blocks we encounter along the way. The result is improv that is grounded and hilarious to any audience because it’s relatable and connected directly to the human experience.

Looking for, “San Francisco improv near me?”

You just found it!

``Best classes, best community, and best attitude!`` - Ariel Y.| ``You know you have a good thing when you leave a class wanting to come back to the next one.`` - Mat S. ``Great place to practice creativity, communication, ability to think on your feet in a friendly atmosphere.`` - Mikhail P. ``I would recommend to anyone doing improv, theater, writing.`` - Gil B.| ``A momentous YELP out for Moment Improv Theater`` - Sandy H.| ``There are countless skills I have learned at Moment to apply to the stage and life.`` - Eric C.|


We’ve never been more “connected” digitally and yet, we have never been more “dis-connected” as people. Improv brings real-life human connection in a low-pressure sand box of non-judgmental play. Through play, we get to level up our soft skills. This allows you to grow in many areas of your daily life. Grow your confidence, grow your friend circle, grow your laughter!

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