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Snapchat – Our team here at Snap Inc. Thoroughly enjoyed our corporate improv team-building workshop from Moment Improv. Marcus is so experienced and thoughtful — he planned a few meetings before the actual session in order to expertly assess our needs as a group and tailor a workshop just for us. He got the entire team of people engaged in playing like kids, all of us just having fun! It was definitely an experience that I would recommend to all techies or just anyone who needs to break up the monotony of WFH life. 

Thanks again, Moment Improv! – Shanaya S.


Lohika – My company hired Moment Improv for a corporate team building a few months ago and we absolutely LOVED every minute of it – not only did we all have a blast during the workshop – but more importantly we came out of it more empathetic, creative, and more connected than we ever had been as a team! Marcus did an amazing job tailoring the workshop to our needs – as a Sales Team we found it extremely helpful to be immersed in an unfamiliar environment where we had to figure out how to think out of the box and create together as a team. The workshop was very skillfully planned as a progression from “light&easy” warm up games to more “advanced” ones where we had to create a story together – Marcus was there supporting us every step of the way and making sure that everyone felt comfortable and was having fun. It’s important to note that the workshop was “all levels” and didn’t require any prior Improv experience – which was really important for us!!

As a team we had done dozens of team buildings over the years that were a lot fun, but Moment’s team building was unbeatable in terms of value it provided for our team by broadening our communication boundaries, increasing synergy and creating unforgettable memories.

We are very thankful to Marcus for that experience! – Irena Stetska


Linkedin – In organizing an engaging event at LinkedIn, Moment Improv Theater was absolutely amazing. Responsive, communicative, and collaborative while working with multiple teams and organizations within the company to create unique workshops. We’ve worked with the theater for multiple company-wide events and love coming back to them to create meaningful and engaging experiences for our employees. 

Everyone who has taken the workshops raves about them. I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed the classes, the shows, and the community of improvisers it fosters. It’s a home of welcoming people to foster your artistic side and express yourself.

Whether for professional or personal development, Moment Theater does it all. – Shan N.


Google “The overall experience has been extremely positive, the prep. The session was logical and precise and the team building workshop touched upon all of the important points. Marcus is a strong leader who was skillfully able to read the audience and adjust the flow of the session in the most efficient and seamless manner to make the entire workshop an informative and fun experience for all participants.” 

“the workshop material addressed the organizational goals and made the entire experience an informative, educational and fun” 

Thanks again, Moment Improv! – Anna B.


Microsoft – Marcus hosted an empowering, relationship-building improv session for our Women’s Employee Resource Group at Microsoft San Francisco!  We got to be SILLY, support each other to venture out of our comfort zones, and cheer each other on to celebrate our successes and be in the spotlight! 

I highly recommend Marcus for any team-building event!! – Sonja C

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