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More than just a “Show” – It’s an Experience

If you’re looking for interactive entertainment that is off-the-cuff and in the moment, Moment Improv Theatre is where you want to look. Whether in person or online, Moment Improv Theatre brings levity and laughs to your events. Moment Improv is the home of the F.L.I. Technique, a groundbreaking approach to online improvisation that embraces technology, delivering a result that is more than just Zoom-prov, the current standard in this new online entertainment frontier.


Why choose a Moment Improv Experience?

Rather than trying to replicate existing styles and formats for improvised shows using video chat, Moment Improv has been focused on exploring everything possible as Shelter in Place drove the artform of improvisation online. Our roots are in technology, filmmaking, and improv, and we have embraced them in order to fully lean into innovation around what sort of experience we can provide. Investment in our digital infrastructure to meet the demands of online improv has allowed us to bring some of the best telepresence technologies together with some of the best improvisors in the Bay Area and beyond. Our shows bring a layer of polish generally only found with highly produced pieces of interactive entertainment. 

With an experience from Moment Improv, your team will get something that can’t be seen anywhere else. 

What does a Moment Improv Experience look like?

Typically, Moment shows last for 30 minutes to an hour and can include any number of performers, depending on the needs of your event. Improv can be many, many things, and as such, shows can be customized to fit with your event theme or messaging while still providing a memorable experience for everyone involved. With improvisors at the helm anything is possible, and we are always excited to work with you to explore new ways to connect with your team. The examples below will give an overview of the kinds of experiences we can bring to you or use as a jumping off point for a customized event.

Corporate Improv Show Examples

The Gif-0-Matic Show

This show has been specifically designed for online entertainment and engagement. Improvisors perform in a series of scenes whose plot points are dictated by GIFs provided by your employees. The GIFs are interpreted by the performers and are used to help shape the narrative of the story. Misinterpretations of those suggestions provide even more hilarity.

Star Employee Show

Improv is something anyone can do. While being trained certainly helps, our well-trained cast can make anyone look good on stage. For this show, a few employees perform alongside our seasoned professionals to create hilarious “work-safe” content in front of their peers. The boost of camaraderie while a team cheers on their own in palpable, and leaves everyone with a sense of pride.

Inspirational Stories

This classic style long form set revolves around truthful stories. One or more members of your team serve as the Storyteller, providing a series of honest stories from their lives throughout the night. Improvisors use those stories as inspiration for the evening. This is especially valuable to new teams or groups at conferences as it provides a way for people to get to know each other with a heavy dose of comedy.

Classic Long or Short Form Improv Set

Long Form: Improvisors take a single word suggestion and weave a connected, comedic story in front of your eyes. Short Form: Quicker and game based, improvisors jump through the hoops of improv games, much like “Whose Line is it Anyway?!” This is what most people think about when they think of improv.

Dream Sequence

One of your team gets interviewed about their day. Once the facts have been taken in, improvisors re-imagine the day as-if it were a dream. A very funny dream. This format is great for highlighting a single person.

Setting the Scene

What if your team could tell the improvisors where the next scene would take place? With a special upload link, they can! Audience members upload images our tech team turn into back drops for comedy.

Additional Offerings

Corporate Improv Training

Harness the power of “YesAND” to bring your team together. Whether you are looking to improve your team’s communication, encourage out-of-the-box thinking, or just have plain old fun, Moment’s corporate workshops can be custom tailored to meet your team’s needs

Indirect Improvisation Presentations

Any of the above modules can be offered in a less interactive, lecture style presentation. The concepts and lessons will all be the same, without the direct interaction between participants and the facilitator to build and reinforce the skills introduced.

Situational Simulations

Situational Simulations are improvisor facilitated one on one training experiences designed to allow individuals to experience and work through potentially difficult conversations in a safe, educational manner.

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