Online Corporate Improv Training & Corporate Improv Team Building
Moment Improv offers company activities that change company culture
In-Person Improv Training in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond!

Moment Improv’s Online Corporate Improv Training and In-Person Improv Training educates your team in a fun and exciting atmosphere. If you are looking for company activities that can change company culture, corporate improv team building activities are the way to go. We engage them in activities that improve communication, team building, collaboration, and creative and innovative thinking. When your staff enjoys their training they are far more likely to learn from the experience. Moment Improv works with major corporations as well as small businesses to determine the best program for their specific needs and goals.

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Corporate Improv Benefits

  • Build collaboration & team work 
  • Enhance observation and listening skills
  • Boost brainstorming skills without judgement and self doubt 
  • Improve communication & public speaking skills
  • Build self-confidence
  • Fosters innovative & creative thinking
  • Encourage team member support for ideas 
  • Develop out of the box thinking
  • Support adaptation to change quickly
  • Support mindfulness & presence to reduce stress
  • One of the best company activities to make your employees laugh
  • Help shift your company culture into a “Yes& mindset”

Engage your team with any of our fully customizable offerings below!

Corporate Improv Training
Indirect Improvisation Presentations
Corporate Improv Experiences
Situational Simulations

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Online Corporate Improv Training & Corporate Improv Team Building

In-Person Improv Training in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond!

Moment Improv offers company activities that change company culture!

Moment Improv’s corporate training sessions can be held online, in your office, or in a central San Francisco location. We will work with you to ensure the program we deliver fits the needs of your organization. Since 2020, we also offer these corporate trainings online to address your distributed workforce needs. We have leaned into the technology of online offerings and are a currently a leader in innovation within the online improv space. Our workshops will make your teams feel more connected than ever, put a smile on their face, and teach them skills that can have profound impact inside and outside of the workplace.

“As an alternative to a happy hour or escape room, it was a perfect way to get the team to engage with each other, get an intro to the art of improv, and have fun! There was laughter, learning, and camaraderie. I hope to run this program again!” ~John O’Keefe

``Best classes, best community, and best attitude!`` - Ariel Y.| ``You know you have a good thing when you leave a class wanting to come back to the next one.`` - Mat S. ``Great place to practice creativity, communication, ability to think on your feet in a friendly atmosphere.`` - Mikhail P. ``I would recommend to anyone doing improv, theater, writing.`` - Gil B.| ``A momentous YELP out for Moment Improv Theater`` - Sandy H.| ``There are countless skills I have learned at Moment to apply to the stage and life.`` - Eric C.|

Don’t just take our word for it!

The Washington Post presented a study that shows significant benefits of corporate improv team building including deep concentration, fewer distractions from the task at hand, reduction in self doubt, increased commitment to a project and many more. All of these skills in your team will increase productivity, success, and change company culture.

These companies agree, and we're proud to have helped them.

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