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Improv Sunday School is an advanced improv dropin created to give improvisers an opportunity to do scene work while receiving quality notes that help them grow.

When students of improv are taking a class, there is often so much material that must be gone through that scenic reps are not able to be done. There just is not enough time. In the classroom you receive the tools of the craft but not much time to practice the craft.

This is where Improv Sunday School comes in!

In Improv Sunday School, improvisers get up and do scene reps and get notes that are meant to help you find your improv voice and help reinforce lessons learned inside the classroom.

This class is meant for anyone that has taken a scene work class from any institution. It is for anyone that has studied at Moment Improv that has completed level 2. This is not a beginner class. Classes will be fun and engaging and will dive deep into your personal improv journey.

Think of this as a high-quality improv workout with a 100% committed to improv craft.

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