Workshops or Indirect Improvisation Presentations?

Want just the lessons? This is what Indirect Improvisation Presentations are all about!

Improv is the most effective when it is experienced by participants and everyone is a part the play and laughter. Like anything else it is a time investment. In fact, in our experience it takes a group roughly 40 minutes to “drop their armor” so to speak, before we see members fully embracing play within the training. In our Corporate Improv Trainings, we like to engage every employee and strive to make sure everyone walks away with solid interactions.

Sometimes, teams don’t have the time for a two-hour engagement, have too many participants, or they simply want to add some of the lessons and insight improv can provide to an already existing itinerary. This is where our Indirect Improvisation Presentations come in. Think of this as a TED Talk about improv. One of our highly trained facilitators will present on an improv topic and choose only a handful of your employees to help demonstrate lessons.

Presentations can be booked to fill up to an hour and will be tailored to meet your engagement goals. We also do free consultations to see if/how this offering can support your efforts.

Additional Offerings

Corporate Improv Training

Harness the power of “YesAND” to bring your team together. Whether you are looking to improve your team’s communication, encourage out-of-the-box thinking, or just have plain old fun, Moment’s corporate workshops can be custom tailored to meet your team’s needs

Situational Simulations

Situational Simulations are improvisor facilitated one on one training experiences designed to allow individuals to experience and work through potentially difficult conversations in a safe, educational manner.

Improv Shows

Whether online or in person, Moment can package and entertaining, off-the-cuff improv show as the finale of any workshop. Shows can last from 30 minutes to an hour in length.

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