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If you are looking to give your improv company, theatre ensemble, or community a fun creative boost in any of the following areas take a look and contact us. We would love to help! Custom workshops can also be created based on your needs. At the end of the day, your group will walk away with quality instruction and high energy fun. Below are 4-hour improv workshops which students say they consistently feel like they “LEVEL UP” after taking them.
Any of these workshops can be modified to 2 or 4 hour classes!

Moment of Change

When the Moment of Change occurs will you be aware enough. present enough, and connected enough to be affected enough to move the improv scene forward? We are storytellers and no matter what type of long form improv you perform, when the moment strikes, inspiration always follows if we are available. Through a unique approach, improvisers will learn to listen at a deeper level allowing them to notice the smallest of details internally and externally. By committing to the moment you will find yourself more present, engaged, and more authentically connected to each moment, making the path ahead a no brainer. Anything is Everything, and inspiration comes from listening with the eyes, the ears, and most importantly, the heart. Learn to let the scene effortlessly emerge by getting out of its way and yielding to the moment of change.

Length: 3 hours Student Cap: 16 students Difficulty: Medium

World Creation – A 4 or 8 hour Space Object Intensive

Using easy to grasp concepts, Sams has created an original technique for creating an improvised environment. Using his “If-Then” approach to space objects will allow you to systematically create an interactive world that spawns from a single thought at the top of the scene. This approach allows your mind to slow down and allows brilliant specificity to emerge. Through exercises, drills, and techniques, Sams will provide you with the tools to create an improvised world that you will be emotionally invested in. By investing in the world you will be more grounded and your nerves will calm allowing you to play more freely. In your improv  it is the difference between talking and experiencing. This workshop is listed as a 4 – 8-hour workshop because I can do a 4-hour version that explores the theories of the practice or two 4-hour sessions in which the actors then put the theories into practice through scenic reps. In the past I have broken this up into a part 1 and a part 2.

Length: 4-8 hours Student Cap: 15 students Difficulty: Medium

Character Creation and POV

This workshop teaches the improviser tools that will help them create organic characters. By participating in specific exercises actors will learn a variety of tools to craft their characters. Creating a truthful and believable character is the quickest way to win the audience over and for them to actually care about the work you are producing. In this class we work on developing character anchors so your characters are consistent from scene to scene. We will deal with patterns so you can learn to recognize them and use them to your advantage. We will also learn how to create strong POV’s that will help drive scene work through the use of rants.

Length: 3 hours Student Cap: 16 students Difficulty: Beginners

Explosive Scene Initiations

Quite often we find that our improv scenes begin at the beginning. This usually wastes time, resulting in the audience watching the improvisers figure out what the scene is about. If we start in the middle of the scene and we are already in action than the scene gets a rolling start. Through exercises and drills this workshop explores the first moments of a scene, which are crucial. Through creation and acceptance, starting in the middle, and checking in with our partner we have the opportunity to create scene starts as explosive as a Michael Bay film. Learn to create with conviction, yes and all the glory your partners serve up, and launch into action from the beginning. The four-hour version includes a space object and a character crafting component.

Length: 3 hours Student Cap: 16 students Difficulty: Medium

Deep Tissue Listening (Never Miss an Offer)

This 3 hour intensive is meant to help the improviser become a better listener on a deeper level. It is open to improvisers of all levels. Through specific exercises we will learn to slow down our scene work so that we actually hear what our scene partner is offering. This will help ground your scene work in a much richer reality and help you reduce the amount of dropped offers, allowing you to pay more attention to detail and develop much more connected scene work.

Length: 3 hours Student Cap: 16 students Difficulty: Medium

Scene Work: Expanding and Forwarding

We will explore how the discoveries in the co-created world influence our characters desires and how they can actually create a driving force for the scene. Through warm-ups, exercises and scene work, we will learn to make hot choices and take bold risks that will get our characters closer to achieving their goals and ultimately drive the content forward faster.

Length: 3 hours Student Cap: 16 students Difficulty: Medium

The Scenic Sidecar: Hopping On and Off Narrative

This workshop will explore how to manage shiny objects in our scene work as we create a story with a scenic arch. These shiny objects, sidecars as I refer to them, can offer so much information about the world we are creating and can add the grounded non-sequiturs the audience craves. Through exercises and scene work we will learn to identify the core essence of the scene at hand and to stick with it while allowing ourselves to chase the shiny objects that can create brilliant moments. Ultimately this will free you up to be looser in your scenes while sticking with the scenes original trajectory.

Length: 3 hours Student Cap: 16 students Difficulty: Medium

A Crash Course in Fun, Connection and Awareness

This 3-hour intensive is meant to be a fast-paced good time and is for improvisers of all levels. During this special four hour session you participate in a bunch of play as if you were once again a child. Through games and exercises you will learn specific techniques that allow you to focus on the present moment and in turn become more connected to your scene partner. You will learn how to trust your scene partner while yesANDing yourself. You will also work with several ways to create well-grounded characters. This ultimately leads to more fun, creativity, and presence on stage and adds richness to your personal interactions off stage.

Length: 3 hours Student Cap: 16 students Difficulty: Beginners

Short-Form Mania!

During this workshop we hone in on a handful for short form improv games. We break them down to their core elements and look at what it takes to make these games successful or how to go down in flames with glory. Once we get a good grasp on how to play these games we then dive into uncharted waters where we do what I call a short form mash-up. The mash-up consists of game combining. Never before have you seen or played a game that combines, Arms, Four-Square, and two-way dubbing. It is a true challenge that incorporates 12 players in the same game all trying to hold it together. Listening, working together, and trust is a must. With other short form mash-ups, your brain will melt while hilarity ensues. This intensive ends with a 30-minute performance of the games and the mash-ups that we learn.

Length: 2 hours Student Cap: 15 students Difficulty: Beginners


The going rate for these classes is anywhere from $50-$60 per student per 4-hour class. I am always willing to discuss your specific needs as a company or a community and am willing to work with you so that it is a win-win for all. Depending on distance, a travel stipend may be required. At the end of the day, I want to work with you, so let’s make this happen.

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