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– Online Intermediate Improv Training –

Strengthen your improv by getting skill based training!

Moment Improv’s online intermediate improv classes will give you strong tools for improvisational acting. Moment Improv prides itself on delivering tools and approaches to improvisation that will allow the performer to produce consistently good work.

If you are an advanced student these classes will offer new tools and insights into your play.

``Best classes, best community, and best attitude!`` - Ariel Y.| ``You know you have a good thing when you leave a class wanting to come back to the next one.`` - Mat S. ``Great place to practice creativity, communication, ability to think on your feet in a friendly atmosphere.`` - Mikhail P. ``I would recommend to anyone doing improv, theater, writing.`` - Gil B.| ``A momentous YELP out for Moment Improv Theater`` - Sandy H.| ``There are countless skills I have learned at Moment to apply to the stage and life.`` - Eric C.|


Committing to craft leads to great improv!

Improv does not need to be an up hill battle nor does it need to be difficult. Learn to trust your instincts and improvise instinctually.

Learn a ton of new tools that will allow you to craft your stories with ease!

Making a Scene

Level 2 ONLINE
(The Two Person Scene)

The mutual awareness and depth of character relationship between players in a two-person scene are essential for successful improv. In this class, you will learn Moment’s approach to scenework through mindfully designed exercises that enable you to discover how to play an objective-driven scene authentically, with presence and vulnerability. These exercises provide the necessary skills that allow improv to become effortless!

Prerequisite: Level 1

Group Play and Environment

Level 3 ONLINE
(World Creation)

Learn to skillfully navigate multi-performer scenes and use environment to create story through advanced space object techniques that unlock unlimited possibilities. Stories need a who, what, and where. In this class you will learn Moment’s signature approach to world creation. You will discover how space objects change everything, bringing nuance and richness to your improv. This online course will show you how to paint a world past the camera that the audience will believe.

Prerequisite: Teleprov A

Levels 2-6 are all 8-week long classes and are $249.

All level classes, unless otherwise stated, run consecutively on the same day and time.

Where is my classroom link?

In order to get your zoom classroom link, you MUST register for an Eventbrite account. It is free and helps to ensure the safety of our community.

Upon event registration, you will receive your zoom classroom link from an email address of: “” prior to the start time of your class.

Be sure to check that ‘spam’ folder.

When able to hold in-person classes we will shift back to our “normal” offerings. 

PLEASE READ THE FAQ. It will be very helpful, even if you have used Zoom before.

– Interested in More? –

Top-Notch Online Improv Levels Classes

Moment Improv has a robust 6 level improv training program that we teach in our brick and mortar theater space. We have re-imagined it for the online teaching sphere, teaching the same lessons, while leveraging the power of technology. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

– Improv Innovation –

Welcome to our Teleprov improv series

Moment Improv is in innovator of improv. We are the original home of the F.L.I. Technique and use this approach to produce our unique brand of online improvised Teleprov shows. Teaching the lessons that got us here while forging the future is what we do.

– Improv at your work –

The fun kind of Professional Development

Moment Improv has a history of teaching engaging improv workshops for the Linkedins and Googles of the world and we can do the same for you. In person or online, we can bring a fun & connected learning experience to your team,
wherever you may be.
Stock image of improvisers
Stock image of improvisers
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