Teleprov B:
Spreading Your Wings

Course Description:

Using the space object and world creation tools learned in Level 3, Teleprov B: Spreading Your Wings will build upon the lessons of Teleprov A to build worlds that exist beyond the camera frame. By expanding awareness past the camera and living in a fully realized world students will be able to pull the audience into performances. Teleprov B continues to build upon the F.L.I Technique to give greater command over the artform of edits, off screen space-object work, and how to use distance and perspective. 

Students in this class will learn how to use their playing space more effectively and how to imagine more of the world they are playing within, allowing deeper connection to the moment at hand and allowing everyone (improvisors and audience members) to slow down and truly experience the world being created.

This class runs for 8 consecutive sessions on the same day and time as the first class unless otherwise stated.


What you will learn:

  • How to create a world past the camera
  • How to communicate ideas through off camera motion
  • How to sell believable reactions to story elements
  • How to navigate multi-person scenes on camera
  • How to use the play space with more efficacy

WARNING! You may:

  • Hone your on-camera presence
  • Have more fun doing online improv
  • Start standing more during online improv
  • Become more reactive and more engaging to watch

Tuition: $249

Prerequisite: Level 3 from Moment Improv Theatre

Class size: 10 students maximum

Location: This class is taught 100% online

Class length: 2 hours (16 hours total)

Schedule: 8 sessions; once a week for eight weeks

Students MUST be present for the FIRST and LAST classes without exception. Missing class is never advised, but participants are allowed to miss up to two class sessions and still remain eligible for class advancement.

There are no make-up classes.

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