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We are Moment Improv Theatre, and we teach organic, narrative, long-form improv classes.

``Best classes, best community, and best attitude!`` - Ariel Y.| ``You know you have a goodthing when you leave a class wanting to come back to the next one.`` - Mat S. ``Great place to practice creativity, communication, ability to think on your feet in a friendly atmosphere.`` - Mikhail P. ``I would recommend to anyone doing improv, theater, writing.`` - Gil B.| ``A momentous YELP out for Moment Improv Theater`` - Sandy H.| ``There are countless skills I have learned at Moment to apply to the stage and life.`` - Eric C.|

We’ve got you covered!

No experience necessary!

Dip your toe in the improv water!

Frolic in the waves of improv!


Already have experience? Our intermediate classes will help you improvise with confidence!

Our signature ONLINE training program!

Our in-person 6 level improv training program yields results by teaching specific tools that improvisors can apply to their craft. Our approach works so well that we have brought it online. If you have learned the basics of improv, these classes teach you the skills necessary to perform high quality scene work.

Be sure to look through the FAQ for online improv. It will help you to have the best experience possible.


Looking for even more scenework?

Intermediate Level Drop-in Class Online

Improv Sunday School is an advanced improv drop-in created to give improvisers an opportunity to do scene work while receiving quality notes that help them grow.

This online class is meant for anyone that has taken a scene work class from any institution. It is for anyone that has studied at Moment Improv that has completed level 2. This is not a beginner class. Classes will be fun and engaging and will dive deep into your personal improv journey.

San Francisco based improv online bringing online improv classes that come to you. The founder of Moment Improv Theatre has a background in the film and technology and has taken the core tenets of Moment’s approach to improvisation and has translated them to the digital space.  Using a blend of technology, camera technique, and improv, Moment Improv has developed an engaging approach to online improv classes. We are doing online improv classes because, more than ever, the world needs to feel connected. Improv has a long history of bringing connection to people. Improv can still provide connection and that much needed artistic space to create. We invite you to get lost in the moment with our online improv classes, make new friends, and let your imagination lead the way!

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