We have moved Moment Improv Theatre classes to an online medium until we can resume in-person classes.

Drop-in San Francisco Improv Classes
& A Six Level Training Program

We are Moment Improv Theatre, and we teach organic, narrative, long-form, improv classes.

In Moment’s San Francisco improv classes, we create a safe space for you to explore your voice, we teach the craft of improv by giving you tools you can easily use in life and on stage. Gain greater confidence in your choices, learn to trust your instincts, and become more connected to those around you by being more present in the moment. Have experience, GREAT! No experience? No Problem. We meet you where you are at and five you the tools to connect, have more fun, and succeed on and off the stage. We can even teach this stuff to your team through our team-building branch!

We teach improv that often yields hilarious results. However, you will also learn to go deep into the work which makes the end product intelligent, mindful, and will affect the audience and those around you in a genuinely artistic manner. Our teaching philosophy yields results. Be a part of our community, meet new friends, stretch yourself and learn the power of YesAND!

``Best classes, best community, and best attitude!`` - Ariel Y.| ``You know you have a good thing when you leave a class wanting to come back to the next one.`` - Mat S. ``Great place to practice creativity, communication, ability to think on your feet in a friendly atmosphere.`` - Mikhail P. ``I would recommend to anyone doing improv, theater, writing.`` - Gil B.| ``A momentous YELP out for Moment Improv Theater`` - Sandy H.| ``There are countless skills I have learned at Moment to apply to the stage and life.`` - Eric C.|

Single Improv Classes

One off classes that inspire.

Just Starting?

Improv Drop-ins for ANY LEVEL!
No experience necessary. This is an entry-level, 2-hour drop-in improv class open to everyone, accomplished improvisers and beginners alike! Each Drop-in class has a specific focus. No two classes are ever alike!

No improv experience necessary.

Series Improv Classes

Our Core Curriculum.

Looking to Level up?

Beginner Improv Classes
Moment Improv’s Tier One beginner improv classes will give you a strong foundation in improv. It’s all about discovery. If you are an advanced student these classes will reinforce your foundation and offer new tools and insight into your play.
Learn Improv!

Level 1

Advanced Improv Drop-ins

This 2 hour drop-in class for students who have completed at least 2 levels of improv instruction, anywhere. Each session has a particular focus and you will get scene reps and solid notes. A great way to practice the skills you are learning in classes!

Adv. Drop-in class for students levels 2 and up.

Skill Based Improv Classes
Moment Improv’s Tier Two classes deliver the craft of improv. You will learn specific tools to build characters and environments that are sustainable. Unlock your imagination and give your stories depth while engaging the audience authentically.
Level Up you Skills!

Levels 2, 3, & 4

Specialty Improv Classes
We have taught all over the country and have met a lot of great teachers. Sometimes these classes are taught by our staff or by a specialty instructor. Consider these master classes that are TBA. May also include duo coaching.
Polish You Skills!

Rare Classes that Travel.

Performance Improv Classes
Moment Improv’s Tier Three classes are focused on organic narrative long-form improvisation. Using tools you have learned, you will hone your performance abilities. You will dive deeper into story structure, learn new forms, and even create one.
Polish You Skills!

Levels 5 & 6

Give fun, connection, and awesomeness to someone you know!

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