San Francisco Improv Comedy Shows

Main Stage Shows

All shows are now on the internet! Join us in our fresh approach to online improv!
Teleprov: Bringing shows together from afar!

Fabricated Dreams

Watch veteran improvisors Clay Robeson and Marcus Sams as they explore the dreams of a puppet in this new kind of improvised comedy Everything you see will be performed on the fly using Moment Improv’s signature F.L.I. Technique.

The show will be fun and will toy with all the crazy thoughts that might be bouncing around inside a puppets dreamscape

Lost Pilots

The Year is 2020. The world has run out of new content. In order to appease the masses, a production studio explores lost T.V. pilots that never saw the light of day. Until now… What lost episode will the Moment Players find themselves in? Tune in and find out.

Produced by Moment Improv Theatre, everything you see will be performed on the fly using Moment Improv’s signature F.L.I. Technique.

The Liss n’ Sams Show

Liss n’ Sams is a two man comedy act from the great San Francisco Bay Area. From a single suggestion, Joe and Marcus take the audience on an improvisational odyssey featuring committed character work, seamless transitions, immaculate space object work, and call backs that leave the audience in stitches. The result is a highly theatrical, stream of consciousness tapestry where characters and scenes keep returning as the abstract becomes concrete.

Looking for San Francisco Improv Comedy Shows?

You have found them! Our comedy shows are a little more than your average improv comedy show. Each performance features improvisers that have honed their craft. They are well trained in the art of improvisational theater and consistently deliver shows that are authentically created, relatable and always hilarious improv comedy.

How do you guarantee quality San Francisco Improv Comedy Shows?

It all comes down to the training and a proven track record. When you see a Moment Improv show, you can rest assured that each performance act has been vetted. They come directly from the Moment training center, teach for Moment, or have already proven themselves in other venues locally or across the country. Moment feels improv has gotten a bad wrap in some circles and one of our goals is to change that. Improv is not a crap shoot and you consistently can have good quality shows. Come see the Moment difference and you will see why we are so confident in our programming.

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