Teaching Philosophy

Why Moment Improv Theatre & Teaching Philosophy

In a world where we have never been more connected digitally, we have also never been more dis-connected as a society. At Moment Improv Theatre, we teach adults how to play again and humans how to be better communicators through the lens of improvisational theatre and comedy.

We teach organic narrative long-form improvisation.

Organic: Meaning that “it” comes from the inside out while honoring the truth of the moment.
Narrative: We teach theatrical concepts and story arch to keep your audience engaged.
Long-form: You learn the skills to keep the conversation and the story going.
Improvisation: You will understand how improv works, gaining mindfulness, on and off the stage.


At the end of the day, this is great training for anyone wanting to learn the art form of improv comedy along with all the soft-skills that come along with the training. Our teachers have theatrical & comedic backgrounds and have been working in the industry for well over a decade. What sets our training apart is our approach. It may sound redundantly redundant, but we honestly believe that the more you understand, the more you understand. We are not going to simply run you though games and hope that someday you will get it. From the beginning, we go into the ‘why’ of each game and examine the successes and the challenges along with what comes up personally for you through the process. We value every voice in the room and treat this as a journey we are all on. By examining the correlation between improv and life, our approach accelerates the learning process and we often find personal blocks that may hamper growth along the way. The result is improv that is grounded and hilarious to audiences of all types because it’s relatable and connected to the human experience.

You can never divorce yourself from yourself. We are always a piece of the characters we play and because of this, incredible self-discovery is a biproduct of the work we do. The fact is, we all improvise every single day. Each interaction, unless scripted, is an improv moment. The skills that are required to do improv well are the same skills we humans work with every day. In essence, we teach humans how to human better which helps you hone and own your voice.

By improving the skills of communication, listening, awareness, presence, and spontaneity, you will not only improve your chances at becoming a great improvisor, but you will also notice dramatic improvements in your confidence, creativity, and emotional intelligence, which then reduces self-judgment, improves your public speaking abilities, and strengthens your relationships.

Moment prides itself on the diverse makeup of its community. We teach to all and strive for an inclusive and safe environment for students to learn in. Moment Improv Theatre is also one of the only African American owned Improv Theatres and Training centers in the country. It is one of our goals to help shake up the demographic makeup of the artform and truly promote a “YesAnd you can do this also” mentality. Below are just a few stats on our classes. We are pretty proud of these numbers.

Some interesting facts
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of our students are VERY SATISFIED! 


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Our approach is SOLID. See for yourself in one of our drop-in classes!

Every training center offers something different. Students with prior experience may only skip to level 2 upon instructor approval.

Just Starting?

Improv Drop-ins for ANY LEVEL!
No experience necessary. This is an entry-level, 2-hour drop-in improv class open to everyone, accomplished improvisers and beginners alike! Each Drop-in class has a specific focus. No two classes are ever alike!

Get Better by DOING improv!

Advanced Improv Drop-ins
This 2 hour drop-in class for students who have completed at least 2 levels of improv instruction, anywhere. Each session has a particular focus and you will get scene reps and solid notes. A great way to practice the skills you are learning in classes!

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