Moment Improv’s The Online Improv Jam!

An inclusive online improv jam for the planetary improv community!

The Online Improv Jam is a 2 hour improv jam that models itself after our popular in-person Open Jam. After player introductions we have a community warm-up, and then break off into our teams for the evening. During your “team-time” you will get to know your team, come up with a group name, and decide what kind of format you want to perform.

| After Team-Time it’s Show Time. |

Once team time is up we come back together and the jam is run as if it were a well produced online show.
This jam is for improvisers by improvisers with no audience but ourselves keeping it a fun and safe environment to explore the possibilities of online improv.

To Register:

PLEASE NOTE: We are trying a new thing. Moving forward this jam will be free to register but only the first 25 people to arrive will be let in the door. Arrive early to make sure you secure your spot.

Although we are inclusive with beginners, our recommendation is to have at least 1 level of training from an improv training institution under your belt before participating. You can dip your toe in to our classes by checking out our current online drop-in offerings!

Jam with us on select Sundays between 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM!

Get more reps in before the jam!

Improv Sunday School is Moment Improv’s Adv. Improv Drop-in class that runs from 2-4 PM. In this two hour workout you will get notes that will help you grow as an improvisor by instructors that care about the craft. Get better at scenes by doing scenes.

Make your Sunday a FUNday at the jam!
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