Many people often wonder what Corporate Improv Training is…

Preface: What *IS* Improv Training?

There are some general misconceptions around just what improv training is. When a team hears that they will be doing “Improv Training,” they tend to think about Whose Line Is It Anyway!? They think about having to be funny, having to be on stage, and about just how far outside their comfort zone they don’t want to be. Then panic sets in. The thought of being put on the spot with the expectation of being funny can be very scary.

In the comedy world, improv does tend to be quick, witty, funny and a little bit over the top. Performers play larger than life characters in order to grab and maintain an audience’s attention. And while Moment Improv Theatre can most certainly teach a team how to be funny, there are significant benefits to applying the overarching skills learned in improv to the business world.

Hopefully, we can give you a clearer vision of what business improvements Moment can offer, even to the most close-knit, highly functional team.


The Benefits of Improv Training

 Improvisation revolves around using the concept of “YesAND” to tell a story or achieve a goal together, in the moment. People who improvise learn to listen, support, and build on what their peers bring to the table.  When this concept is applied to the corporate world, teams generally see improvements in areas such as:

  • Listening
  • Effective communication
  • Supporting teammates
  • Brainstorming
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Taking chances

Moment Improv Theatre’s corporate training workshops teach these skills under the auspices of teaching adults how to play again. Play teaches us how to be better communicators, how to listen and support, and how-to “human” in a more connected manner. The soft skills learned and honed in Moment classes will change every interaction a team has by helping them find more connections, explore more possibilities, and discover more enjoyment in work and in life.

How Moment Can Help

Through simple pre-planning with a Moment curriculum specialist, we can design customized workshops that specifically tackle a team’s current pain points.

  • Teamwork & collaboration
  • Listening & observation skills
  • Idea generation (without initial judgment)
  • Communication & public speaking skills
  • Self-confidence
  • Creative/innovative thinking
  • Supportive team interactions
  • Adapting to and adopting change quickly
  • Presence & mindfulness to reduce stress

Courses delivered online can range from 1- 3 hours and touch on any of the topics above and more.

When all is said and done, Moment teaches skill-based learning in a very experiential way. By engaging employees with our specific blend of “edutainment,” it allows teams to drop their armor and really take in lessons that will have staying power because they are rooted in memorable interactions with everyone on the team.

The interactive nature of Moment classes lends itself to groups of 6 to 20 participants. Larger groups can be split up to have two or more workshops happening simultaneously. The other option for large groups is to hold a more presentational class where attendees will walk away with the improv wisdom but will not have the opportunity to embody the lessons through play.

Workshop Components

Below you will find information on modules which can be combined in multiple ways to address the specific needs of any team. If there are other things you would like addressed, just reach out and we can custom craft a module to address them.

YesAND for Achievement

Open the door to creative, innovative thinking. The concept of YesAND fosters idea generation and decreases judgmental feelings and self-consciousness. Brainstorming is dramatically easier when every idea is welcomed and supported. While not every idea will be used, allowing teams to feel comfortable contributing freely often spurs increased collaboration and leads to ideas that would never have surfaced otherwise. Initiatives are always more successful when they evolve from team effort because the level of buy-in increases when teams feel they contributed to the process.

When people feel heard they are more engaged. When they are more engaged, they are more productive and more committed to your overall mission. They become loyal brand ambassadors (or Promoters in NPS* speak) and will often refer other good employees or other customers because they feel valued.

*Net Promoter Score

Communication for Business

When most people say they are listening, they are often just waiting their turn to talk or pitch their product/service/idea. Well focused listening and observation skills can help break down communication barriers, improve customer relationships, and help increase sales by allowing teams to truly hear and understand each other’s needs.


Business Agility and Adapting to Change

No company is static. Teams that are nimble and able to flex with the daily demands of an organization will be more productive and focused on the best interests of the company. Agile is more than a buzzword, it is a state of mind where an individual or team adapts to the moment rather than bringing everything to a halt to regroup and start over.

Creating Calm in a Business Environment

The practice of being present reduces stress. When teams exhibit mindful behaviors, it creates a calmer working environment. That calm can be contagious, creating a healthier work environment that others want to be a part of.

Dynamic Play for Business

Companies rely on collaboration and teamwork more than ever before. Having a team that speaks a common business language (YesAND) helps ideas flow, prevents bottlenecks, and gets the best work from your employees while fostering a supportive environment that allows ideas to be heard and explored without fear.

Spontaneous Speaking for Business

Speaking engagements are not part of everyone’s job, but sales presentations, staff meetings, cold calls, and meetings with managers or direct reports can still be stressful. Being comfortable speaking “off the cuff” can increase effective communication skills and self-confidence.

Personal Connections for Business

Many businesses are built on the relationships founded and fostered by individuals. And yet, networking can be an extremely awkward experience for some. Building self-confidence in a variety of settings – especially networking – allows team members to extend their social networks by helping them feel more comfortable around strangers.

Transparency for Business

Teams work best when they know what is expected of them. When they are clear about what is expected, it is easier to keep them focused on the task at hand and to hold them accountable. However, setting clear expectations isn’t always a simple matter. Strong listening and communication skills can facilitate clearer expectation setting, and being able to quickly identify the assumption you have (that may or may not be held by others) eliminates communication gaps that might otherwise stall a project.

Additional Offerings

Indirect Improvisation Presentations

Any of the above modules can be offered in a less interactive, lecture style presentation. The concepts and lessons will all be the same, without the direct interaction between participants and the facilitator to build and reinforce the skills introduced.

Situational Simulations

Situational Simulations are improvisor facilitated one on one training experiences designed to allow individuals to experience and work through potentially difficult conversations in a safe, educational manner.

Improv Shows

Whether online or in person, Moment can package and entertaining, off-the-cuff improv show as the finale of any workshop. Shows can last from 30 minutes to an hour in length.

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