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The Home of on-camera improv using the Fixed Lens Improvisation Technique a.k.a. F.L.I

F.L.I. stands for Fixed Lens Improvisation and will improve your on-camera improv by teaching you a systematic approach to internet improv!

In-person improv inside a theatre has been the standard since the art form was created. On-Camera improvisation has also been around but not many did it. With the advent of online improvisation, it was clear to Marcus Sams, founder of Moment Improv Theatre, that a paradigm shift was needed. Although the rules of improv were the same, the presentation of improv needed to evolve. This is how the F.L.I. Technique was born.

The F.L.I. Technique stands for Fixed Lens Improvisation. Its intent is to offer an alternative to what some have come to call “boxprov,” and it takes a much more adaptive approach to the work.

The idea behind F.L.I. is simple. In regular film and television, the camera moves around the subject or actor. In the F.L.I. approach, rather than the camera moving, the actor moves around their “fixed lens” (a.k.a. webcam) to tell the narrative story.

By using adaptations of traditional cinematic camera angles, along with the native behavior that’s built into Zoom, we can tell narrative stories in a way that is more digestible to the viewer who is watching remotely rather than in a theater. This ultimately lets the audience connect more with the content.

(These classes are taught online.)

Just what is the F.L.I. Technique?
(Fixed Lens Improvisation)
It’s a new approach to on-camera improv & online

YesAND, I have outlined this approach in detail. The goal is to give improvisers across the planet new tools to work with.
If you share or play with this technique, please honor the many hours of development and give proper credit.

Thank you and have fun playing!

Any interest in special coaching, press, or interviews can be directed to: marcus @ momentimprov.com

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Images from the beginnings of this technique…

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